dipgator free shipping Battery Monitor Bluetooth KL-F DC 0-120V 0-600A Battery Tester Voltage Current VA Meter Battery Coulomb Meter Capacity Indicator

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dipgator free shipping Battery Monitor Bluetooth KL-F DC 0-120V 0-600A Battery Tester Voltage Current VA Meter Battery Coulomb Meter Capacity Indicator

Model KL KG KH
2.4 In Display Screen No Yes Yes
Shunt Housing No No Yes
Protection Sound Alarm No No Yes
Temperature Display Celsius Celsius Fahrenheitor Celsius
Display Time No No Local Time
Bluetooth password No No Support Modification
Voltage current curve Yes Yes Yes
Data Record Yes Yes Yes
Mobile APP Yes Yes Yes
RJ9 Data Cable Length No 3 meters 5 meters


  • Quick Installation Video:
  • Steps to connect the mobile phone APP to Bluetooth:
  • Open the mobile phone positioning;
  • Open the mobile phone Bluetooth;
  • Open the mobile phone APP, click search, and select BTGxxx to automatically connect successfully;
  • No pairing password is required, and no special pairing is required in the Bluetooth settings;

The KL-F series volt-ampere meter is a new type of coulomb meter that can measure various physical parameters such as voltage, current, power, charge and discharge capacity, watt-hours, and time. At the same time, it can also set parameters to achieve over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, Multiple protection functions such as over current protection, over power protection, and over temperature protection. The meter can automatically identify the direction of the current, and can monitor the battery capacity in real time, can view the measured data through Bluetooth, and can control the meter and firmware upgrade through the mobile phone APP.


►The product automatically recognizes and detects the current in both charging and discharging directions. When charging, the color of the current is green; when discharging, the color of the current is blue.

►Suitable for a variety of batteries: ternary lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium phosphate batteries, etc., as long as the battery is within the voltage measuring range.

►The shunt and screws are made of pure copper material, which has good electrical conductivity, low heat generation, and low power consumption. In the standby state, it will not consume too much battery power.

►Support Bluetooth connection mobile phone APP control, after downloading and installing the APP, through the built-in Bluetooth connection, and all functions can be set through the mobile phone APP.

►After configuring the relay, it can realize over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, Low temperature protection and over-power protection (the delivery list does not include relays)

►The product has added a self-calibration function, and the current and capacity values can still remain accurate after long-time work.

►Amp-hour, watt-hour, and time data can be cleared during the measurement process without affecting the next measurement. The voltage and current values can also be fine-tuned to ensure accurate capacity.

►The product can be upgraded through the online firmware of the mobile phone, which increases the guarantee for the operation of the product.

►The product can accurately measure parameters such as voltage, current, battery capacity, power, power consumption, ambient temperature, battery life, charging time, and battery cumulative capacity.

Model KL110F KL140F KL160F
Sampling method Shunt Shunt Shunt
Voltage measurement range(External power supply) 0-120V 0-120V 0-120V
Voltage measurement


10-80V 10-80V 10-80V
Voltage resolution 0.01V 0.01V 0.01V
Current measurement range 0~100A 0~400A 0~600A
Current resolution 0.01A 0.1A 0.1A
Relay optional
Temperature measurement range -20-120℃
Capacity display range 0%~100%
Power measurement range 0~72KW
Power resolution 0.01W
AH measurement range 0~9999.99AH
Capacity resolution 0.001AH
Watt-hour measurement range 0~9999.99kWH
Watt-hour accuracy 0.001WH
Time measurement range 0~999:59:59S
Time resolution 1second
Bluetooth communication distance 10m
Voltage accuracy ±1%+2 characters
Current accuracy ±1%+5 characters
Sampling rate 1time /second
Measuring module

power consumption

About 0.4W
Over power protection 0-99999.99W
Negative overcurrent protection 0~100A/400A/600A
Forward overcurrent protection 0~100A/400A/600A
Overvoltage protection 0~120V
Undervoltage protection 0~120V
External over temperature protection 0-120℃
Protection recovery time 0-99s
Enter standby time 0-60s
Delay time setting 0-99S
Mailing address There are 99 P01-P99, P00 is the broadcast address
         ►Over voltage, under voltage, over current, over power and external

over temperature protection can be set,When the value is not in the

range of protection value,the output state of the meter is turned off

(cooperation is required) The relay is used to prevent the electrical

equipment from being damaged.

►The protection recovery time and delay time can be set, which is

suitable for various occasions.


OVP Over Voltage Protection
LTP     Low temperature protection
OTP Over Temperature Protection
LVP Low Voltage Protection
OPP Over Power Protection
OCP Over Current Protection
NCP Negative Over Current Protection
1> Battery Monitor*1 4> Temperature Sensor*1
2> Sampler*1 5> Terminal* 1
3>4P Connection Cable*1 6> 3P Connection Cable*1


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