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How to make B dipping activator كيف تصنع الغمس المائي

How to make Activator B for hydro graphic dipping film at Home DIY

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Formula B as follows:
1- Percentage of materials to be mixed:
20% xylene
Mix with
80% 2k Thinner
“” mix 800 ml 2k Thinner with 200 ml of xylene to get 1 litre of activator! “”
you can find them at any paint shop
the alternative for 2k thinner is ” reducer” shown in attachments
just show him the pictures
2 – water temperature 28 – 32 degrees Celsius
3 – the amount of spraying of activator depends on experience and error so that the film is sticky and does not break
you can definitely put it in a “spray pump bottle” and spray it in the form of spraying
wait a few seconds after the Activator spraying. When using spray bottle use a glass spray bottle for better results
in case of any problems do not hesitate to contact

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