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Kinetico Mach 2060s OD and 2100sOD Series

Water softening units improve hard water by reducing high concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Ion-exchange resins are used to remove hardness from the water, these resins are automatically flushed periodically with nothing more than salt and water to rinse out the accumulated hardness and recharge the resin.

Softening your water will prevent hardness spotting on windows and tiles and requires less soap for washing and cleaning. Softening your water also increases the life of plumbing fixtures and appliances by preventing the build up of abrasive scale.

Kinetico is a world leading company in the field of water treatment. They are the creators of the fully mechanical, non-electric water softener – Patenting the design for a regenerative softener powered by the flow of water instead of electricity in 1970.

Kineticos softening units are extremely reliable and offer superior performance and longevity over comparable products. Their products are engineered to use less salt, waste less water, and consume no electricity at all.

Systems can be custom assembled to suit anything from a few litres per day, up to industrial levels of flow. The most common systems have been offered in this listing, if you need a flow rate outside of the offered range contact us and we will quote to your specifications. 

Listed units:

2060s OD Softener

  • 78-114lpm flow range @ 1-2 bar
  • Maximum hardness – 1132mg/l
  • Maximum hardness for best results – 428mg/l
  • Dimensions – 432 x 203 x 1168mm

2100s OD Softener

  • 79-117lpm flow range @ 1-2 bar
  • Maximum hardness – 1830mg/l
  • Maximum hardness for best results – 975mg/l
  • Dimensions – 533 x 542 x 1524mm 

For best operation, especially when used on very hard water, we request a water report be sent through before purchase, this allows us to set up the unit to operate best under your conditions.

Shipping is not included in the price of this item, we can quote you for shipping prior to purchase if you provide us with your address.

Kineticos water softeners are of commercial grade and as such are not Watermark certified.

If you have any queries please contact us before buying so we can assist with the best suited system or systems for your needs.

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2060 OD, 2100 OD


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