Universal Compatible 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane-NSF certificated -Pack of 25

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  • BPA free ,food grade material,down to 0.0001mic filtration,dry type TFC Membrane Reverse Osmosis Element,Maximizing shelf life,Advanced membrane technology
  • EASY&CONVENIENT-Geekpure Membrane fits all standard RO systems,This membrane can be used to replace CSM, Axeon, Dow FilmTec, GE,Ispring,Apec,Home master,Gloable water,Aquatic and any other 1812 style membranes
  • CERTIFICATED-NSF/ANSI Standard 58 certificated, remove the particles of heavy metal (primarily fluoride,viruses,calcium, magnesium, lead,colloids , chromium and nitrates), bacterial and any other carbonates from source water.
  • HIGH EFFICIENT FILTRATION-0.0001micron, Removes up to 98% of contaminants in water ((Minimum Rejection 96%)
  • DIMENSION-Standard size ( Membrane Dimensions: 11. 75″ Overall Length, 1. 75″ Diameter), Fits all Standard 2″ ID Membrane Housings
  • RESPONSABLE MANUFACTURER- ISO9001:2008 certificated Manufacturer ,also Member of Water Quality Association (WQA)

Product description


FEED WATER PRESSURE :35 – 100 PSI TEMPERATE: 40 – 110°F/5-45°C

PH :3.0 -11.0 MAX TDS 1000 MG/L TURBIDITY < 1.0 NTU MAX SDI <4.0 HARDNESS < 5 GPG IRON <0.1

Life time :15-24months as your feed water quality

More valuable information:

✪What is dimension of the Geekpure 50GPD Ro membrane?

It is standard size ( Membrane Dimensions: 11. 75″ Overall Length, 1. 75″ Diameter), and Fits all Standard 2″ ID Membrane Housings.

✪What is the life time?

Our suggestion is 24 months for most tap water (200-500ppm).usually, you replace membrane depends on usage amount and feed water quality. if tap water is very good quality (200ppm or less), you may replace the membrane per 36months. if hard water area, someone replace membrane 6 months or 12 months. it is time to replace if flow rate is too less or membrane is cloged.

✪Could i use it if my water Total Dissolved Solids is over 1000 ppm or well water? Can this be used for brackish water(5000ppm) or ocean water with high salinity(35000ppm)?

Yes, you can use it. even TDS reach 2000 ppm. but you should replace membrane every 12 months or more frequently.1000ppm is our suggestion.

But it is just designed for residential tap water use. if you need industrial use membrane ,please send email to us.

✪ What is in the box?

25pcs 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane.but membrane housing, wrench and flow restrictor need to be bought separated.


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