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Replacement Ultra Violet Lamps | Select UV Lamp

Depending on the variation selected in drop down menu we’ll supply as follows

UV Lamp Spec’s

Item Specifics

Lamp Size

06w | 3.8LPM | 2-Pin x2

6w | 3.8LPM UV Lamp | Two pins on both ends | Pins +/- 6mm apart


06w | 3.8LPM | 4-Pin x1

6w | 3.8LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


14w | 7.5LPM | 4-Pin x1

14w | 7.5LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


20w | 24LPM | 4-Pin x1

20w | 24LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


24w | 28LPM | 4-Pin x1

24w | 24LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


39w | 45LPM | 4-Pin x1

39w | 45LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


78w | 90LPM | 4-Pin x1

78w | 90LPM UV Lamp | Four pins on one end | +/- 7mm x 8mm apart


We can source any UV lamp size and wattage so feel free to message us here if you need to request a specific lamp not listed above

It’s is generally okay if the replacement lamp you buy is a little shorter / narrower than your current lamp but it can’t be longer / much wider or it may not fit into your quartz sleeve housing

Ultra-violet water sterilisation is one of the most effective methods of sterilising water, it uses no chemicals whatsoever and will leave no harmful residues in your water. UV is used as an effective alternative to chemical or thermal disinfection, as a result, it is used extensively in the water, food and medical industries as a proven technology. 

Lamp specifications vary per the drop down selection menu which is detailed in the above table. For UV sterilisation to be effective and to attain the maximum flow rate of the unit, the water will need to be pre-filtered for sediment to at least 10 micron, optimally 5 micron or finer. Given sufficient pre-filtration UV is effective on all water sources, including rain, bore, town and river/lake water. 

UV is effective at treating Bacteria, Viruses, Algae, Fungi and other Micro-Organisms up to 99.99% efficiency on all water supplies and is effective at treating for Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Blastocysts and other cysts in water supplies.  

It is recommended that this system is used in conjunction with a filtration system to maintain optimum efficiency, send us a message and we will be happy to recommend the most suitable unit for your application.

Full warranty does not cover UV bulb, as this is considered a consumable, there is a 30 day replacement guarantee on faulty bulbs and you will need to be able to verify that you have used a power surge protector with this system as the bulbs and ballast / transformer can be damaged by power surges

Listing image 1 is of a 14w | 7.5LPM | 4-pin x1 

Appearance of other variations may differ, images listed are only a reference

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can try to resolve your concerns 


Additional information

UV Lamp Range

06w, 3.8LPM, 2-pin x2, 06w, 3.8LPM, 4-pin x1, 14w, 7.5LPM, 4-pin x1, 20w, 24LPM, 4-pin x1, 24w, 28LPM, 4-pin x1, 39w, 45LPM, 4-pin x1, 78w, 90LPM, 4-pin x1


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