TDS Total Dissolved Solid Meter Check Reverse Osmosis Water Filters RO DI Filter

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TDS [Total Dissolved Solids] Reader Meter To Check RO

Check if your RO membrane + DI resin is performing properly???

Gives a reading of dissolved solids in water to indicate level of purity. If installed properly a decent domestic RO system [membrane and quality of feed water dependent] should give a reading of between 5ppm and 10ppm or a 94% to 96% reduction in the TDS reading of your feed water.

Will read TDS between 0pp to 4990ppm and if TDS is higher an ERR reading will be given

Available Modes: TDS PPM | Temp Degrees Celsius | Degrees Fahrenheit

TDS reader uses 1x lithium CR2032 3v battery which is common and inexpensive to replace

This item carries a full 12 month warranty on all parts supplied in the original order, this subject to our standard terms and conditions listed in our operating manual.

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from BPA free food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards.

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