SR609C Intelligent Geyser Temperature Controller 3000W

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Monitor and control a geyser water temperature. The SR609C measures the water temperature inside the geyser by means of a temperature probe that is inserted into the thermostat pocket of the electrical element. The element is connected to the controller whereby it is switched on by various means such as temperature set points, timers or a combination.


  • 3000W controller dimensions: 205mm x 150mm x 50mm.
  • Power supply: AC220V, 20A ,50Hz.
  • Power consumption: < 3W.
  • Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2°C.
  • Temperature range: 0~99°C.
  • Power for heating element:≤3000W
  • Inputs:
    T1: NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135°C) for the tank, (PVC cable ≤105°C),
    T2: temperature sensor, optionally used for advanced features.
  • Outputs:
    H1: For electrical heater: Maximum power: 3000W (15A)
    R1: Designed for anti-freezing heating cables/relay/pump. Maximum power: 500W
  • Ambient temperature: -10°C~50°C.
  • Waterproof grade: IP40.


  • LCD display
  • Clock display
  • Timed heating
  • Manual heating
  • Use flow or temperature as a control variable for a domestic hot water pump
  • Water tank antifreeze protection
  • Conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Buzzer fault alarm
  • Reset function
  • Intelligent heating mode
  • Protection function
  • Power failure memory protection
  • Screen saver
  • Fault protection

What is in the box:

  • SR609C Controller (3kW model)
  • User manual
  • Temperature probe (NTC 10K probe with 20m cable)
  • Accessory bag with required screws and plugs 


It is recommended that a qualified electrician installs this product.


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