RODI Deionising Resin Ion Exchange RO DI Reverse Osmosis Aquarium Water Filter





Highest food grade mixed resin which you can use as a final stage after reverse osmosis to further reduce the TDS

Select from 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kgs, 3kgs, 5kgs or 18.5kgs in listing drop down menu options.

We suggest the refillable cartridge is used after the RO process and not to purify tap water otherwise the expected life of the resin is minimal and we also only recommend using the in line refillable cartridge on a flow through system that is not under pressure after the membrane e.g. best not to use with a system that is plumbed in with a tank and faucet as the screw on top refillable cartridges do not cope with high levels of water pressure

This resin targets all dissolved solids in water and is the highest quality mixed bed resin. We have a specific calcium targeting water softening resin listed separately which has a longer usage life especially if not being used after an RO membrane filter.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can try to resolve your concerns.

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250g DI Resin, 500g DI Resin, 1kg DI Resin, 2kg DI Resin, 3kg DI Resin, 5kg DI Resin, 18.5kg, 25L Bag


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