Replacement Cartridge for Geekpure TF-3 Faucet Water Filter-Pack of 3

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  • BPA-free, food grade materials,ceramic cartridge could be brushed and recycle used
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION-2stage filtration with calcium sulfite ball and ceramic cartridge, reduces 99% Dust,Sand,Rust,Chlorine,Taste,Odor,Asbestos found in tap water and prevent the growth of bacteria
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER-3PCS replacement filter cartridges in the box
  • EASY&CONVENIENT-Pure water or tap water switched freely and easily.
  • LIFE TIME-Each filter service up to 200 gallons of clean tap water or 3 months
  • RESPONSABLE MANUFACTURER-ISO9001:2008 certificated Manufacturer ,also Member of Water Quality Association (WQA)

Product description

Geekpure ,advanced 2-stage filtration process
Go clear, crystal clear drinking water
Go healthy, removes harmful impurities
Go better, improves water taste
Go easy, so simple to install

Filtering Medium: Municipally treated tap water
Water Temperature:33-100°F/5-38°C
Chlorine level:<0.2ppm
Work pressure : 30-87psi
Life time of 1 filter cartridge : 200 Gallons (around 756Liters ) or 3 months
Battery: no need .
Shelf life: 3years
Warranty: 1year limited warranty

More valuable information:
✪What is dimension of the package?
Length: 7.68 inch, Width:2.8 inch, Height:5.0 inch.
✪What is 2 stage filter?
That is calcium sulphite and ceramic cartridge, reduces 99% Dust, Sand, Rust, Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Asbestos found in tap water and prevent the growth of bacteria.
✪What is in the box?
3PCS replacement filter cartridges in the box.
✪BPA free?
Yes, BPA free and food grade material.
✪What is the flow rate of Geekpure TF-3 faucet water filter cartridge?
For new cartridge,that is 2Liters per minute at 60psi, the flow rate will get less a little after a period of time use.
✪Is there indicator to track life time of the filter cartridge?
Not yet, it is time to replace a new cartridge when water pressure too less or ceramic cartridge get yellow or brown color, but the ceramic cartridge is available to recycle use ,you just brush and clean it.

Before consuming water from the unit, flush it by running 2.6gallons (around 10litres) of water through the system.


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