Red Prince Weigela Tree



Vibrant Blooms Across Two Seasons

Why Red Prince Weigela Trees?
With the Red Prince, you get iconic tubular red florals and dark green foliage for vivid contrast that makes a bold statement. But the best part: You get these vibrant blooms not once but twice, with a dazzling show in the spring and again at the end of summer.

Even better? It’s easy. The Red Prince redefines versatility, whether you use it in group plantings or as a container accent. No matter where it’s placed, it thrives and boasts blooms that last for weeks…never fading. And in addition to its adaptability to any soil type, it doesn’t have significant pest or disease issues. So, you get a grand look in your garden without hassle.

Why is Better
The top benefit of our Red Prince is its strong start. Since we’ve planted, grown and shipped your Weigela with absolute care, it’s ready to thrive once it arrives to your door. We’ve nurtured each Red Prince from day one, right at our nursery, so that you reap the elegant rewards of long-lasting color plus a stunning silhouette that shines with virtually zero maintenance.


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