Ultraviolet Purrifier 1GPM

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The NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis Ultraviolet Filter gives your purified water that extra bit of safety you’re looking

When it comes to complete hydration it’s not enough for your water to be free of harmful particles like lead and arsenic. It’s got to be safe and free of dangerous particles, too. That’s where sterilization comes into play.

After your water’s gone through sediment and carbon filters, the NU Aqua Platinum Series Reverse Osmosis Ultraviolet Filter filters your purified water of unhealthy particles in your water at the molecular level to give you the healthiest, safest water possible.

  • The Nu Aqua Platinum Series UV filter keeps your home drinking water safe by using a water-proof Ultraviolet light to eliminate unhealthy elements from your water.
  • Ultraviolet light effectively kills up to 99% of all unwanted particles found in water.
How Ultraviolet Sterilization Filters Work


How Ultraviolet Sterilization Filters Work

This Ultraviolet Sterilization filter comes with…


  • 1x Ultraviolet Stainless Steel Filter Housing
  • 1x Quarts UV Tube
  • 1x Ultraviolet Bulb
  • 2x O-rings
  • 1x Power Supply Unit
  • 2x Filter Housing Clip
  • 2x 1/4” Quick Connect Elbow Fittings


How Do Ultraviolet (UV) Filters Work?

Some unhealthy elements can’t be blocked like sediments or adsorbed like chlorine, and it’s those microorganisms that can be the most harmful to your health and the health of your household.

As water passes through this UV filter, an ultraviolet light bulb emits UV rays that help filter out those hidden particles. By eliminating these particles from your purified water, you’ll not only have water that’s 99% free of chemicals and sediments, but it’ll also be free of dangerous contaminants, too.

  • UV filtration is much safer than chlorine disinfection and does not leave any bad taste or harmful chemicals in your drinking water.
  • Ultraviolet filtration gets rid of elements that could potentially remain in your water after the filtration process.


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