Aqua Leak Stop Valve

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The Nu Aqua leak stop valve can be used below the sink and support the Osmosis water filter system. It has smooth functionality, and it becomes active immediately when it senses leaks. After detecting moisture, the pad expands and shuts the supply of water instantaneously. The Aqua leak has been composed of reliable quality; it is BPA-free and allows easy installation. 

  • Multipurpose: The aqua leak can be used for multi-purposes and to support sink water filtration systems to conduct reverse osmosis. 
  • Easy Installation: The installation of the system can happen quickly without any professional help. 
  • Automatic Leak Detection: When there are sudden leaks, the valve shuts off automatically. When the water leaks, the sensing pad expands to take control of the water supply. 
  • Food Grade Polypropylene Material: The food-grade material makes it safe for installation to water filtration systems. 

The Nu Aqua leak stop valve has been perfectly designed to suit the needs of your kitchen. The valve protects against water leaks, and upon sensing leakage, it shuts off immediately. The valve detects moisture and expands instantaneously. The valve comes with a reliable leak detector and plug. 

The valve is compatible universally. SO, you can pair most of the RO reverse osmosis systems to it. Its installation process is quick as it is lightweight and very easy to handle. You do not require tools for installing the system. 

The quality of the valve is reliable, free from BPA, and of food-grade material. It will help you to keep food and water safe, clean. You can prevent leaks with this simple and affordable solution. The investment won’t be heavy on your pocket, so making a little investment will save your kitchen from flooding.


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