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Replacement Pads For Leak Stop Device

Select pack size required from drop down menu and measurements are approximate to about 1mm

Extra pads purchased should be stored in an airtight zip lock bag to keep them away from moisture and humidity

Stops major damage to your cupboards, floor or home by cutting off water supply to filter

Uses replaceable sensor pads to detect leaks and it`s recommended to replace the sensor pads every 12-months or after a leak

Works on hydrophilic and mechanical principles and does not require power 

No batteries or electronic sensors required

Proven track record with operating pressure range of 50-700kpa [7-100psi]

Build in quick connect fittings to easily install in line with your 6mm [1/4″] tubing

We recommend that a leak detector shut off device is installed with any water filter and / or reverse osmosis system which is under pressure – listed separately. 
According to regulatory standards any water filter system under constant water pressure [regardless of the brand or supplier] is required to be fitted with an AS3497 approved pressure reducing valve and back-flow prevention device which we also have listed separately. 

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can try to resolve your concerns before leaving any neutral or negative feedback

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2x Pads [16mm x 8mm], 4x Pads [16mm x 8mm], 10x Pads [16mm x 8mm], 2x Pads [20mm x 8mm], 4x Pads [20mm x 8mm], 10x Pads [20mm x 8mm]


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