Hubble AM-2 51V 5.5 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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  • New / 1st life NMC cells
  • 1C charge and discharge
  • 2x 25mm2 DC battery cable with lugs included
  • ​Internal fire suppression system
  • ​CAN bus
  • Hubble Cloudlink ready
  • Parallelable up to 15 battery packs to a total of 82.5kWh


  • In order to achieve full capacity, communication between the battery bank and the inverter is required. If the battery is installed without communication, recommended charger settings are provided.
  • TSP Solar Bot communication: in progress.

    Product datasheet:

    User manual:

    Depth of discharge (DoD) curves:

    Warranty information: 

    • 10-year cell warranty
    • 2-year BMS warranty
    • backed by Hubble

    Warranty claim information can be found here:



    Free nationwide delivery on lithium batteries and inverters. Please take note of warranty claims that transport to Hubble’s office will be the customer’s cost.

    What’s in the box:

    • Battery
    • 25mm2 battery cable with lugs
    • Network cable is supplied for parallel connectivity
    • NO communication cable for RS232 (RJ11 to USB)


    Recommended inverter settings:


    TSP 4kW /

    TSP 5kW /

    Sacolar 5kW /

    Growatt 5kW

    TSP 5.5 kW
    Battery Charge Amps (Setting 02) 40A per battery (Setting 02) 40A per battery (Setting 13) 40A per battery
    Battery Type (Setting 05) USE (Setting 05) USE (Setting 04) USE
    Voltage point back to Utility ​(Setting 12) 47V (Setting 12) 47V (Setting 07) 47V
    Voltage point back to Battery (Setting 13) 53V (Setting 13) 53V (Setting 14) 53V
    Bulk Charge ​(Setting 26) 53.6V (Setting 19) 53.6V (Setting 05) 53.6V
    Float Charge Voltage (Setting 27) 53.6V (Setting 20) 53.6V (Setting 06) 53.6V
    Low DC Cut off ​(Setting 29) 43V (Setting 21) 43V (Setting 21) 46.4V



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