Glossy Metallic Pearl Film vehicle vinyl car wrap material with Air Bubble 1.52x18m/roll Purple-to-Brown-




Outdoor Durability 3-5 years, indoor 8-10 years
With Air Drain for Bubble Free Application
3D so not just a printed pattern, but has an actual texture that reflects light
High quality vinyl that is used for wraps and conforms to the most challenging contours and shapes?Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched.
Easy to clean
It offers unbeatable scratch resistance, reliability and ease of installation.
The adhesive is specially designed to be maneuverable on large surfaces; it will slide and lay down like silk!
Adhesive will cure after 24 hours of surface contact (for immediate tack, activate using heat). Initial tack 0.05 lbs/sqr inch and after being heated or
installed, tack will grow to 6.5 lbs/sqr inch!
Self-Healing technology (scratches disappear), resistant to abrasions, water and chemical-proof.
A safe, non-corrosive acrylic adhesive that won’t eat through coatings or react with surfaces like other films.  for an amazing sheen and finish day or night!
Q :Is this product easy to clean?
A : It’s very easy to have customs clearance for this product,When you pay the order,You only need to wait goods are received your address.Some countrues need customers assist to do some easy custom clearance.if Customs spot check,
Q :When I pay the order, What should I do if I don’t  received the goods?
A :if you do not received the goods.the aliexpress will be refund you all money.this is the  biggest shopping website in china.please be assured purchase
Q : if I’m not satisfied,Can I return it?
A :If you need to return, please make sure the items remain intact without damage. You can contact our customer service, and please noted that the shipping cost will be paid by the buyer.
Q :How do you deliver the goods?
A :usually using FedEx, Ups, DHL and TNT ,we will choose the best way to deliver products in different country and area. Here are express limitations for reference:
Russia:10-20days     Asia:3-5 days           Africa:7-10 days          Europe:7-10 days      North America:7-10 days        Oceania:7-10 days           South America:7-10 days
Q :How to buy the samples?
A : please contact us or leave a message.
Q : How many meters would be needed for a car?
 A : Usually it takes about 15-20 meters to cover a whole car .The cost depends on the size of vehicle being wrapped   but for an average size car it is very less as compared to re-spray
Q : why do we use the vinyl ?
 A : The main point is to change the style of the car, make your car cool and  fashion to your taste . Meanwhile, the vinyl can protect your car from UV,rain and other dirt or waste.
Q : Does the vinyl do harm to the car paint ?
 A :  It is self adhesive , so it is easy to apply it on the car as well as removing, and no glue leaves when you remove it from the car.
 Q : What are the install tips ?
 A :The vinyl is easy to apply with some simple tools such as heat gun sand squeegees ;clear up car surface before install.
 Q: It is Eco-friendly materials ?
 A:  The PVC we use is  toxin free ,smelless and water proof. It is also  anti-uv,anti-oxidation and scratch-proof.


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