Dynamite Red Clover


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Dynamite Red clover is a high-yielding clover that creates excellent forage for a range of livestock classes. Dynamite is a dependable clover with improved disease resistance and was selected for forage production. Red clover is an excellent addition to pastures to increase diversity and add a nitrogen-fixing legume. Red clover is an excellent soil conditioner, with an extensive root system that permeates the topsoil. Its taproot may penetrate several feet. Dynamite is a longer lived medium red clover and as an improved variety will last longer and yield more than VNS medium red clovers. Dynamite has exhibited excellent winter hardiness and would compliment alfalfa as a companion legume in a hay stand. 

Applications – Forage

Planting Time – Spring-Early Fall

Establishment – Dynamite Red Clover does best in cool conditions and provides quick establishment. It should generally be seeded in the spring or fall planted at least eight weeks before a killing frost. In northern regions, frost seeding in the early spring can be a suitable option

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