Dual In Line TDS Reverse Osmosis Water RO Filter Total Dissolved Solids Reader

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TDS [Total Dissolved Solids] Reader Meter To Check RO

Check if your RO & membrane is performing properly???

Can be installed in RO system to give readings of dissolved solids in water before and after RO membrane to indicate level of purity. If installed properly a decent domestic RO system [membrane and quality of feed water dependent] should give a reading of between 5ppm and 10ppm or a 94% to 96% reduction in the TDS reading of your feed water.

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According to regulatory standards any water filter system under constant water pressure [regardless of the brand or supplier] is required to be fitted with an AS3497 approved pressure reducing valve and back-flow prevention device which we have listed here. We also recommend that a leak detector shut off device is installed with any water filter and / or reverse osmosis system which is under pressure and is also for sale in our store here.

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