Battle Rope Dia 3.8cm x 9M length Poly Exercise Workout Strength Training

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One of the latest trends to come out of the fitness world, battle ropes provide you with a full-body workout that’s as fun to do as it is good for your body. This Size: Dia 3.8cm by ,9m length battle rope from Randy & Travis Machinery will increase your endurance, strengthen your muscles, and turn your cardiovascular system into a well oiled machine.

This battle rope is easy to set up and easy to use. Just wrap it around a heavy, stationary object, like a tree or a fence post, take the ropes in hand, and then shake them one after the other in an undulating motion. No bulky workout equipment to hide before guests arrive. Simply stash your rope in the wardrobe after every workout.

For an alternative workout, tie your battle rope to the rafters and try to climb your way to the top. Whatever use you put it to, this battle rope will strengthen your grip while it builds strength in your arm and your core. Burn calories doing something you’ll love. Get your battle rope today!

Features and specifications:
Material: 100% polyester
Size: Dia 3.8cm, 9M length
Design: 3-strand twisted
Colour: Black
Heat-shrunk caps on both ends
Ergonomic and easy to use
No installation needed
Easy to store and easy to pack
Builds endurance, core and arm strength, as well as a more efficient cardiovascular system

Package Content:

1 xBattle Rope Dia 3.8cm x 9M length Poly Exercise Workout Strength Training


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