500ML Repeated Use Silica Air Dryer Air Filter For Ozone Generator Parts ND-500ML




The filter function is to effectively remove dust and impurities and adsorption air excessive humidity, to ensure access to the ozone tube internal air dry and clean, thereby improving ozone tube to generate ozone concentrations and the service life.
The product both ends can be freely disassembled, convenient maintenance.
Recommended installation location: ozone equipment convenient observation and remove;
Usage: This product will be one of the gas nozzle is communicated with an air pump, another gas nozzle on ozone tube inlet can be;
Maintenance: the particle color is blue, after a period of time inside the particles after the absorption of moisture into the red. When the red translucent state, need to continue to use the internal particles take out after drying.
Volume 500ml
Desiccant Material Silica Gel
Outlet Dia 1/4″ (6mm)
Inlet Dia. 1/4″ (6mm)
Dimension 2.4*11.5in(60*291mm)
Net Weight 1.3-lb (0.56 kg)
Product application:  The ozone generator is less than 30G/H;
Effect:                       To improve the service life and ozone concentration;
Product features:      Repeated use,gas drying, filtration of dust;
Color change:           When the color from blue to red, you need to open and dry material.


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