20″x4.5″ 5uM Sediment + 0.5uM Silver Infused Carbon Block Tank Water Filters

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20″x4.5″ 5uM Spun Sediment + 0.5uM Silver Carbon Block Tank Water Filter

These filters are recommended for filtering rainwater tank water and are commonly used as replacement cartridges for systems per images 2-5.

5uM sediment filters remove / reduce dirt, debris, sand, silt, clay, particles and turbidity in water

0.5uM nominal silver carbon block filters remove / reduce parasitic micro-organisms like giardia, cryptosporidium, blastocysts and bacteria

Measurement of this spun sediment water filter = +/- [50cm] x +/- [12cm]
Measurements of this silver carbon water filter is +/- [50cm] x +/- [12cm]

To fits all standard 20″x4.5″ water filter systems and if you are unsure of the quality of your tank water and wish to drink it we recommend having water tests done or also using a ultra violet water sterilise in conjunction with these silver infused filters for additional protection.

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from BPA free food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards.

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