20-Inch Universal Compatible Big Blue Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge- 4.5 Inch x 20 Inch

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  • HIGH EFFICIENT FILTRATION-6-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System with Alkaline Mineral pH+ Remineralization Filter and Thin-film composite RO membrane filters down to 0.0001 micron,Reduce 99% contaminant ,including Heavy Metal Arsenic, Lead ,Mercury ,Fluoride, Bacteria,Hardness,Cadmium,Chlorine,Taste,Odor,Asbestos, Lead,Cryptosporidium , Giardia Cysts , and more 1000+ contaminants.
  • HIGH QUALITY– All tube, fittings, storage tank,Ro membrane complies with NSF/ANSI standard 58 to provide healthy, safe, and pure water, LEAD FREE deluxe kitchen sink faucet as last pure water guarantee in your home.
  • EASY&CONVENIENT-Streamlined DIY filter installation; fits most under sink cabinets, the ratio of pure water and waste water is 1:2.
  • RESPONSABLE MANUFACTURER- ISO9001:2008 certificated Manufacturer ,also Member of Water Quality Association (WQA).
  • Warranty-1year limited Product quality and service guarantee,

Product description


FEED WATER PRESSURE: 40 – 100 PSI,TEMPERATE:40-110°F/5-45°C, PH:3.0 -11.0, MAX TDS :1000 PPM, TURBIDITY < 1.0 NTU, MAX SDI <4.0, HARDNESS < 5 GPG, Shelf life: 3Years.

More valuable information:

✪What is dimension of the Geekpure Replacement Water Filters?

It is 4.5″ODx 20″ height and standard.

✪What is the function?

Carbon block filter, Remove chlorine, taste & odors, very fine particulates. life time:6-12months.

✪If not Geekpure, the filters is available to other brands big blue filter?

Please don’t worry. it compatible to most 10inch standard sized big blue housing ,includes Ispring, Express Water, Culligan and more brands.

✪What is in the box?

1pc Carbon Block inside.


1. The Life Time of the Filter Cartridge Depends on Usage Amount and Feed Water Quality. 

2.It Is Normal for Some Black Carbon Fines to Appear in the Water When Emptying the First 3 Gallons of Water. The First 3 Gallons of Water Produced Should Be Emptied and Not Used.Push the Tubing All the Way in and Use Teflon Tape During Installation.


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