1300ml 12V/24V Car Kettle Stainless Steel Electric Heating Cup Car Truck Travel Electric Kettle Pot Heated Water Cup




12V/24V 1300ml Stainless Steel Car Truck Travel Electric Kettle Pot Heated Water Cup


With this electric heating traveling mug they can make your coffee/ tea always warm. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter in your car and you can also enjoy in the cold season warm your coffee. Portable for heating water, coffee, milk, eggs, tea, etc. With safety lid, the water will not overflow no matter drinking or placing. Suitable for drivers, business man or any other kinds of people who need long time driving trip.

  • 304 stainless steel and food grade plastic material, safe to drink the boiled water.
  • Sealed kettle cover, good sealing performance to keep water warm, and ensures that the drink does not spill over.
  • Kettle inner and outer using vacuum insulation technology, good insulation effect to prevent burns.
  • Standard 12v/24v car power plug, built-in fuse, external power indicator, safe design, ease of use.
  • Suitable for: boil water, brew coffee, milk powder, boiled eggs and so on.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
Voltage: 12V / 24V (optional)
Power: 120W(12V), 240W(24V)
Capacity: 1300ml
Fuse: 9-10A
Size: Approx. 23.5cm x 12cm / 9.25 x 4.72inch
Package Weight: Approx.
Package Included:
1 x Car Electric Pot with Cigarette Holder Plug
1. Please allow slightly error due to manual measurement, thank you!

2. Please note that the new type and old type of this product will be sent randomly, and make sure you will not mind before ordering.

Matters Needing Attention:
1. Before using the kettle, please do the dry cleaning (washable inside of the cup). The electrical components do not enter the water or wet to prevent short circuit damage.
2. Can only use a specified power supply, that is to distinguish 12V and 24V from mixed use.
3. Do not dry burn the water, the heat pipe should be completely immersed in the water, the minimum water level should not be less than 1/3 of the internal bladder.
4. The water level should not be higher than the parts of the stainless steel body so as not to overfill.
5. After the burning, pull out the power, and then press the  water outlet switch.

6. It is normal that the cigarette butt is very hot when the car is boiling water. Please do not touch it with your hands. To avoid scalding. The upper apex cover of the electric heating cup has vents to ensure that steam is emitted when boiling water. Please do not boil the water upside down!
7. Some cars have limited current, our pot fuse is 9-10A. The following models can’t use the electric heating cup with a cigarette holder and current limiting device: Car (1) For Mazda: all series. (2) For New Bora. (3) ) For Peugeot 207, 307, 308. (4) For Citroen Sega Hatchback, Sedan, for C-Elysee, for Fukang. (5) For Fit, for Accord, for Odyssey, for Crosstour, for Civic. (6) For Buick Regal Truck, for Steyr Howo cement tanker, for Balong, for Auman and above models, if the lights are not on, please go to the car for repair or 4S shop to replace the fuse.


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