10W 15W 28W EU Plug Aquarium Submersible UV Sterilizer Lamp Light Water Cleaner Disinfection UV Lamp Pond Fish Tank Sterilizing




1. Home water systems, ultraviolet (UV) Water sterilizer is used as an important step to kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms. During UV sterilization, the water is exposed at a controlled rate to ultraviolet light waves. The bacteria absorb the UV radiation energy, which destroys or inactivates their DNA, thus preventing the bacteria from reproducing. UV systems may reduce 99% of bacteria in the water.

2. Low-pressure UV lamp uses high-intensity mercury imported from Europe, the service life of up to 9000 hours, supporting high efficiency electronic ballast further enhance the life of the whole sterilization and effect, so that the whole sterilization rate 99.99%



High quality filament for high performance and energy-saving.
Adopt quartz glass tube for high transmission of ultraviolet ray.
Powerful suction cups for adjusting position freely.
Safe water-proof design for totally submersible use.
Suitable for controlling malignant bacteria in aquarium and fish tank.


Usage Suggestion

1.Please choose the suitable lamp according to the size of your fish tank and filter-tank. 3-4 times for a week and 10 minutes-1 hour each time.
2.If there has large number of algae in the aquarium or sick fish in the tank, can use this sterilizer 1-2 hours per day, but don’t exceed 2 hours. When the symptom turns better, please return to normal use.





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