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Elon Musk strange,What will happen to Doge coin and what are the predictions for 2024?

The new star of the West.

The most controversial tweet:

Is he really the world leader or the so-called hidden government that rules the world??
He owns the largest social and political network, which is Twitter, which controls part of global public opinion, and he owns the big threads of the global economy, and one of the major technology and car manufacturing companies. He owns the largest amount of cryptocurrency.
He visits rulers and kings.
He appears as a cheerful young genius but may not be anymore.
Are there many international schemes hidden behind this face?
Elon Musk richest and strangest man?

Some claim that he is the leader of the world or the hidden government that rules the world with interests and fabricates disasters and wars to reap the greatest profits and gains.
He has a huge reserve of digital currencies, which will replace regular currencies and pave the way for them, sooner or later.

It appears on a daily basis in the media and attracts millions of followers and interested people.
The future will hold a lot for us about this man who represents dominance and scientific progress.
Some follow the details of his family and care about the smallest details of his life, while others just want to understand him!
He may be the most successful man of these times.
Many secrets and mysteries, despite his attempt to show simplicity, vitality and fun in all his media appearances.
He may also be the spiritual father or prophet and promoter of Western civilization.

Satin logo on the chest

As is
Possesses technical miracles and solutions
And some expect that Elon Musk will launch a surprise in early 2024, which may be reflected in a rise in the price of Dogecoin, or on a personal level, so that he can run for the White House.






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